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Who are we?

Avensys Design, web stranice Split, izradaidizajn web stranica Split, SEO optimizacija, WordPress CMS, digitalni marketing – slick @ graphic design and branding, illustration and photography, app and game design, WordPress design and development, storytelling web.


Our constant endeavor is to create, connect and adjust graphic services to our clients needs. Therefore, we use best tools for graphic visuals, logo and visual disegn, intensifying efforts to ensure complete and recognizable visual identity for our clients.

Knowing this, rest assured that Your idea is on the right track to achieve uniqueness with us. We inspire You to be creative and find Your desired visual preferences in the settings of mediocrity overflow. Be special with us!



We Use advanced modern technologies and knowledge to bring You the best illustrated solutions for Your needs. Using the best tools (e.g. Adobe Illustrator CC and PhotoShop CC) we create, edit and adjust photographies and illustrations to best suit Your preferences with goal to create wanted visuals.

We inspire our clients to raise the visual identity on the next level providing a high-end photo sessions and choosing best images from photo sessions. After careful selection, we process and enhance chosen images, creating galleries and visual base for Web page, Community page or portfolio.



Looking for a custom visual design to suit Your app or game? Look no further.

We offer tons of visual solutions taking Your app to a whole new level and making it stand from the mass. Let Your game become unique in every way, ensuring it the high end visual sensation.

We approach to every customer individually and we create custom solution from scrap, which guarantees uniqueness and attraction in any given field. Make Your smart apps smarter and Your games more fun.



In attempt to build modern pages and in strive to deliver solutions to our customers we continue to create and modify WordPress themes according to new trends and technologies.

We believe that by pursuing different solutions everyone can develop the best Web page to suit their needs using our various and exciting theme packs.



Do You have an average Web page? Are You continuously unhappy with what should be Your reference Web page? Do You have the feeling it could be smoother, more intuitive, more unique?

We offer unique approach to Your needs and develop custom solutions using only modern high end tools to build Your home page from scrap. Our accent is on customized graphic and techniques that You will find most useful to control Your basic home page, CMS, Web Shop, Community Management page etc.

We use high level of protections of Your online data, safe transfer protocol and we maintain Your page so it will always remain optimal. We use common and easy-to-use interfaces so our users can maintain full control over content with guaranteed backup plan for Your safety.

Enter the fun world of custom Web design and choose your place on the Web!



Do You have the feeling that Your web page should be more than static see/click experience, without making any sort of impact?

We have a perfect solution for You – Storytelling Web! – Let Your Web page tell the story with unique visual interface.

How does it work?
We choose together milestones of Your story, define story flow, set the design and various preferences You will enjoy. Let us create Your storytelling experience so You can tell Your story to the whole world.

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