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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 24041420

Google AdWords


Search, Display and Video campaigns

We do thorough research, create and keep track of your search ads, analyze the results, learn from them, optimize and enjoy the benefits for your business.

You probably know what the banners and other formats made of text, images, flash, audio and video are. It’s an unavoidable form of advertising that conveys a commercial message visually.

People are visual creatures mostly. We help you create meaningful visual experiences.

Google remarketing

Don’t waste your precious time and money. We are not superheroes, but we’ll lure past visitors with some cool tricks and enshrine them.

Keywords and market research

We use the latest methods, techniques and tools to make a list of relevant topics and / or categories in which you want to rank, then select the keywords we will use for each topic, explore related keywords, create a list of basic and so called. Long-tail keywords and ultimately explore the competition.