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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 24041420

Graphic design


Our constant endeavor is to create, connect and adjust graphic services to our client’s needs. Therefore, we use the best tools for graphic visuals, logo and visual design, intensifying efforts to ensure complete and recognizable visual identity for our clients.

Knowing this, rest assured that Your idea is on the right track to achieve uniqueness with us. We inspire You to be creative and find Your desired visual preferences in the settings of mediocrity overflow. Be special with us!

Branding (logotype, visual identity)

Logotype or abbreviated logo, is a graphic sign, symbol or icon that indicates a product, service, or company. It may consist of letters, graphics, and other combinations. The role of the log is currently recognizing the product, and the complete logo consists of a logo, icons, and slogans.

The visual identity, home style or image of a company is a sum of all aspects that the company creates as its own, recognizable and consistent, through means of communication, promotion, and distribution of materials, equally inside and outside the company.

A brand is a set of impressions that the public has about a product, service or company, and encompasses core values, vision, mission, single value offer, visual identity, logo, voice, the person inside, user experience, market positioning, and price class.

Promotional materials

Business cards, flyers, brochures, business planners, pens, lighters, magnets, stickers, USBs, roll-up banners, calendars (pocket, wall, and desk).

Wedding checklist

Classic invitations, innovative e-invitations (websites), thank you notes, menus, table appointments, rent a paint stand to highlight important details and much more.

Custom visuals

Web icons, diagrams, graphs, visual editing of documents.