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Drnje Municipality

Drnje Municipality

Drnje Municipality

Drnje Municipality is located in Koprivnica-Križevci County, northeast of Koprivnica. In the area of the municipality, there are three settlements Botovo, Drnje, and Torčec.

The municipality of Drnje is bordered to the south by the municipality of Peteranec, in the northwest with the municipalities of Đelekovec, Koprivnica Ivanec, and Legrad, in the northeast with the Gola municipality. Part of the municipal border in the north is the state border of the Republic of Croatia with the Republic of Hungary.

In the northern/north-eastern parts of the Drnje Municipality, along with the border with the Republic of Hungary, the river Drava runs along. The area that gravitates the Drava River is also the Lake Šoderica, where tourist and recreational facilities were built.

The central part of the Municipality, southwest-northeast, is located along the main railway line connecting the Adriatic Sea and the neighboring Republic of Hungary, ie Rijeka-Zagreb-Koprivnica-Drnje-Botovo-Zakany-Budapest, which was released in this area in 1870.

Also important is the international road Koprivnica-Drnje-Gola-Hungary, whose importance has been increased after the opening of the international road crossing at Gola in 1982.

Apart from the transit, this area also has a crossroads as the regional road connects Međimurje through Đelečovac and Torčec with Drnje and continues through Sigetec and Hlebine to Novigrad Podravski where it joins the Podravina highway. Partial traffic importance is also increased by the road connecting Đelekovec and Lake Šoderica, and it connects to the direction of Koprivnica-Drnje-Botovo-Hungary. For the village of Torčec, there is a local road linking it to the City of Koprivnica.

Through the villages of Torčec and Drnje, the stream Gliboki stream (with the direction of flowing from northwest to southeast) flows all the way to the Drava river, south of the Drnje Municipality.

The main sites generally follow the fall of this watercourse, ranging from about 127 m to the northwest to 123 m in the southeast.

The villages of Drnje and Botovo are located south of the railway line, along the local road Koprivnica – Peteranec – Drnje – Botovo – Šoderica, while the village Torčec is located in the northwestern part of the municipality along the local road to the settlement Đelekovec.

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