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Elastoplast – visibility

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Elastoplast – visibility

Elastoplast trade plastics production successfully executes the project “Increasing Elastoplast Competitiveness by introducing innovative multilayer flexible packaging production technology” for which grants were approved to the “E-impuls” tender. The realization of the project lasts eight months, and the project supplies modern equipment for the production of packaging bags and offers new products to domestic and foreign markets. The total contract value of the project is 375.901,38 kn, of which the share of financing from the European Regional Development Fund amounts to 300.000,00 kn.

The aim of the project is to increase the capacity to produce multilayer flexible packaging for food packaging, expand product range by introducing value-added products and generate new market demand.

Money from the EU funds has been funded by the procurement of a multifunctional automated production facility for aluminum-polyethylene bags, patent bags, side seam bags, and stand-alone bags. This will round up the supply for the food industry and meet the needs of existing customers and win new market segments.

The target market for products is small and medium-sized enterprises in meat, dairy, tea, coffee, confectionery, food supplement, ready-made soups, seafood, and other food products. By realizing the project these companies will get new products, shorter delivery deadlines, and competitive product prices. Differentiation of craft products will be based on a wide range of packaging for the food industry, product design, manufacturing flexibility, customer demand and the quality of technological performance.

Investing in Improving Production Capacity, Elastoplast will increase labor productivity and sales revenue on domestic and regional markets and maintain a position in the food packaging market.

The added value of the project is expressed through opening up new jobs, strengthening the manufacturing sector and contributing to the increase of Split-Dalmatia County’s share of GDP at the national level.


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Total project value:

375.901,38 kn


EU funds


4. May 2018.