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WordCamp Split 2016 – WordPresser’s paradise

WordCamp Split 2016 – WordPresser’s paradise

This year’s WordCamp probably is one of the most relaxing WordPress developer gathering ever organized. Organization crew, consisting of Croatia finest, with a touch of helping hand from our neighboring countries, produced a nice compound of fun, good food, attractive schedule and lots of positivity and energy.


The first day of WordCamp was workshop day that was very useful to a wide variety of people, not only interested in WordPress development but also to widen the knowledge of business, management, CRM, how to manage WP projects, which was fantastically explained by Krešimir Končić from NeuraLab. We also learned how to be a WordPress superuser by using ManageWP (the first team from Serbia’s ManageWP introduced their excellent product to improve efficiency in managing multiple sites). Also, how to improve public speaking and generally how to be better recognized and present on the market was demonstrated and detailed by Luca Sartoni. We also learned how to collect and visualize information and rules of building WP plugins, all presented by Konrad Leon Toldy.

The first day of the event was finalized at the beautiful beach bar „Mistral“ with open bar and excellent food. Organizers, speakers, and volunteers were altogether chilling, having casual talks and some of them even took a swim at the bar beach.Next day, the central day of WordCamp was an awesome example of how events like this one should be organized. Everything was on schedule, speakers were all professionals and ready to communicate and further detail their subject. Absolutely no pomposity with a lot of informality, chit chat and networking in the air.


The first words were taken by Ivan Blagdan, lead organizer of WordCamp Split and Željko Garača, dean of Faculty of Economics Split, where the whole conference was organized.

At precisely 9:15 AM, the first speaker, Tomaž Zaman from Slovenia started his talk about Codeable and how to start a business in WordPress. As the best speaker of last year’s WordCamp received a big applause and a present from organizers.


After Tomaž, next up was Nevena Tomović, a content marketing expert from Serbian ManageWP who talked to us about business growth which is boosted by quality blog posts and content in general. We heard quite a few tips about quality content and how to be recognized in a positive way.

DSC_0417Next speaker was Tomislav Leljak from AM2 Studio who focused his speak on REST API and how it is utilizable in WordPress projects. He demystified hidden gems of REST API and showed how such a platform can improve app and web development.

Following Leljak we heard about common problems with WP web security, sources and ways to prevent issues and how to deal with problems. The issue has been analyzed by Sucuri‘s Joško Džidić.


After the coffee break we moved on to hear what Milan Ivanović, well known WordPresser from Belgrade  (also lead organizer of WordCamp Belgrade) had to say about Theme reviews and his experience with Theme review teams.


We also had a chance to hear a thing or two about WooCommerce and ways how to implement product variations using Woo code and plugins from Borko Livić. Definitely useful tricks.

As mentioned previously food was fantastic and following lunch was absolutely brilliant.

After the lunch we had a chance to meet Luca Sartoni and listen about growth methodologies in distributed environment, then we had a chance to listen to Andrej Šimunaj from AM2 in his talk about custom URL structure.

Natko Hasić and Lucijan Blagonić gave their insight into the design process with quite a few tips and tricks in how to better the designing process and ideas.


Tha last group of speakers started with developer Emir Kurtović how explained artificial intelligence and how it’s applied in WordPress, primarily on user related habits.

Nela Dunato explained designer’s approach to avoiding timeless revisions by clients and why a designer should always be confident of his work and, after all, appreciate it.


The last speaker was Noel Tock, Swiss developer who finished WordCamp with empowering words of growth in WP environment.



After the day of speaking, we moved to an afterparty at “Moon Bar” where we had a great time, got to introduce most of the speakers and have fun until the very late hours.

The last day of WordCamp Split was reserved for the Contributor Day. Even after a loooong, relaxed and fun-intensive Saturday night most of the people were ready to spend Sunday contributing, but one condition had to be fulfilled  –  streams of coffee had to flood conference venue. And they did.  Contributors were awakened and ready to take part in one or more of, in total, 4 teams. Ante Šepić led the Core team which contributed by fixing some of the WordPress bugs and tested some patches. Jurica Zuanović took a responsibility to run Localization team which contributed by translating WordPress to Croatian (host language) and Romanian language (because some friends from CaptainForm were interested in improving their local WordPress version). We took a part in Themes Review theme which was led by Milan Ivanović and we heard very useful tips & tricks about the whole theme reviewing process, rules, what makes theme great and at the end contributed by reviewing two themes for the WordPress theme repository. At the very end when all the teams brought their obligations to an end we firmly shook hands, embraced ourselves and said goodbye until the next meeting at the WordCamp.

Each of us is now going back to their company duties and we’re turning ourselves to the new challenges, fulfilled, happy, satisfied and enriched by new acquaintances, contacts, and potential business cooperation. At the end, we would like to thank once again all organizers (especially Goran Šerić, Ivan Blagdan and Emanuel Blagonić) that gave us an opportunity to took part in such an event, and, of course, all volunteers. It was an honor and privilege to work with all of you!

Avensys team

See ya at the Just another WordCamp! 🙂