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Fantastikon is convention of fantasy, science and science-fiction that is organized annualy by F&ST association. It attracts SF, art, science and board game lovers from all over Croatia and world.

The challenge

Website for second Fantastikon presented a great challenge for everyone because the whole work started really late,only a month before opening and everything needed to fall in its own place, not only in website design, but the convention organization itself.
The goal was to design a modern storytelling page, based on the art that is going to dominate on the convention.
Website also had to showcase information about convention, program, information for visitors, F&ST association, SuperC.G.C (Croatian GamingConvention) and many more details on page.

The process

Firstly, we defined our story sections, decided on short content describing every section and tied them all up with pouring backgrounds that transcended into each other making a compact form out of various graphic elements and different artistic styles and combinations.
Since it’s hard to take different styles and harmonize them easily, we’ve actually put that difference in a focus of our story and made it something specific for the page. Different people and different styles all united on one convention - Fantastikon.

All the filler pages are designed to provide more information for the interested users, they are not disrupting the storytelling concept but rather stand on its own across the site giving the clean user experience for everyone.

The predominating colors used across the site are an excellent combination of cold and warm colors that make a stunning contrast and provide excellent readability for users. Fonts used for site paragraphs was „Kurale“ and for titles and subtitles „Raleway". Both fonts are modern and classic at the same time giving the whole experience that extra SF spice.

The solution

Front page divides storytelling into 7 main and two additional sections. It was custom designed from scrap, with carefull html, php, CSS and jQuery programming to make the flow clean and fluent. The page accent is on graphic details.

The rest of the pages was built in in a responsive pattern following the style of the home page. Firstly, we had to design blog page named “Novosti (eng. News)” with belonging blog post designs.

Secondly, we had to design program page named “Program (eng. Program)” that shows schedule for talks, lectures and workshops on the convention.

Super H.I.K. is a “sub event” of the convention that needed special page for presentations. It is a competition and learn-to-play, as much as a free time playing board games so it also needed it’s own schedule.

Next, we created page for visitors named “Za posjetitelje (engl. For visitors)” which contained address, map and directions for coming to the convention.

Next, we created page for introducing the reader to the F&ST association. The page contains association photo, logo and introductory text with instructions on how to join their work.

Since there were a lot of sponsors for this event we had to make special page just for their presentation.

The result

We are excited about the results because we managed to unite several different styles and make it a compact whole, and at the same time tell a story and present Fantastikon in the brigtest light.

Click   here  to download in PDF.

Marko Mlinar

director of FantaSTikon

The AVENSYS team took fantasy, games and science fiction convention FantaSTikon page all the way from our "we have a sort of a distant idea what we want... but it is all over the place... and only in our minds" to an amazing webpage that managed to incorporate all of our wishes for its functionality and has a very appealing and modern design. Following the initial plan they made with us (but also incorporating a few bigger changes we brought to them later on) they managed to finish the work in record time and even before the agreed deadlines. Although the page was, in our opinion, already working perfectly, they polished it to its final stage on their own initiative. Recommended for all who would like their page to look as a small wonder!

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