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HomeMagic is a new generation security system that uses web and mobile apps for sensor control that more users can use simultaneously. You can assure safety of your house everywhere you go turn on or off the alarm, check the status of all the sensors in your house or take a look at your surveillance camera.

The challenge

The system is supposed to be implemented as a web application and also as a mobile application. So, our mission was to design the web and the mobile interface that will be unobtrusive and ease to use. Also the project still didn’t have a real logo and used some pretty unadjusted icons and it was our task to make sure the logo compliments the purpose of the project and that all icons used in interface are consistent.

The process

After we've taken a research into the project's purpose we came out with a few ideas about their logo. The main idea was to use the symbolism of sensors and signals. Symbol used on the letter „o“ is the common used symbol for sensors, and it's extended through the letter „M“ representing the signal waves and impulses we also made use of the other "m" letter to continue that signal flow.

Depending on the style we wanted the app to be as much simple as it can be. Considering that it's supposed to be used by all types of people with different backgrounds and knowledge, to get better user experience we needed to make it as much as intuitive as it can.

The style used for icons was to match the style of a logo and to blend nicely into the frames in app. We made a few versions which are all used depending on where will they be placed.

Firstly, we gathered information for construction. The app will be using 5 pages in which some of them will have a few different states.
For example, after you log in, you get home page. If the alarm is on you get a notification right away. Else you get the home screen where you can manage the doors and have them locked or unlocked. You can also see if there are any problems or is everything OK. If you had alarm turned on you can also see more details about it (on which gate, when, which user turned it off, etc.)
On the sensors page you should be able to choose between three types of devices you want to check or manage. On the camera pageyou should be able to see the surveillance system in action. On the events page you should see the timeline of the events that happened in the system. You should also be able to choose to see the events done by the certain user or that events that happened on one of the sensors.
The app should also have the user profile overview and ability to change the user settings or log out.

The solution

Click   here  to download in PDF.

Mirko Rodić

director of Skener d.o.o.

Young and creative team who understood our needs and presented fresh ideas. They reserved a spot on our next project.

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