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"Luneta" is an architectural office located in Split, Croatia. This is a small private company with two employees. Our mission was to create website that will show them in the right light, show their work and passion for architecture.

The challenge

They already had their logo created and colors chosen, so our challenge was to design a website that matches them. Since they have a lot of projects done in a past they wanted to show them all so it was important to focus on them and place them somewhere where it would be easily find. Some of the projects made in their early years weren't photographed so they didn't have photos to show them off but wanted to mention them since there were a lot of big projects. Also, it was really important to show their contact information so clients can reach them.

The process

The logo was created to match the company's name "Luneta" which is an architectural element of decomposing the wall. It is a U-turn field between flat lintel and arches above it, and can be open and closed.
The first letter "L" could be used to form the U-turn and the rest of the letters to form the firm line below where the flat lintel is.
The red square is a Croatian national symbol so it was a link to the company. Logo is used a lot in white and in red color so we had an idea to use both on website too.
Since it was only made in square version, we wanted elements on the website to use square as main form.

The solution

Landing page on the website is used to present the logo. We chose to go with transparent background logo that gets red background on hover effects. In that way both color logos can be presented without repetition. On small devices we turned off the hover effect because of the touch screen.
For background of the landing page we've put a photo of one of the projects the company made. It was mostly random pick but also it shows a typical projects company does.

Since the main focus of the website was supposed to be showing projects the company made, we decided to put all of the work right below landing page.
In WordPress we made custom post type named "Projects" and displayed the featured image. Clicking on it leads to the post where all of the photos are displayed.

This section we made to explain what the company does and how and what is main focus of their work. The clients can also see here the range of work and details about it. It also contains the explanation of the quality of the projects so that clients can know what should they expect to get.

Contact section is the most important part of every website. It doesn’t matter if you presented your work the best possible way if clients can’t find a way to contact you.
In this section, firstly, we showed contact information with big emphasized font so that it’s clear and can’t be missed. It is for people who wants to know them or save them for later. It shows availability and accessibility.
Also, we’ve put contact form below so that people who have questions can contact them right away.

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Headquarters/Address: Karamanova 6, 21000 Split, Croatia | OIB: 04502431673 | MBS: 060337057 | Register: Commercial Court in Split, Tt-17/1019-2

Equity capital: 20.000,00 kn, Full amount of founding capital is paid in cash. | Board member: Frane Cvitanić, Founder and Managing Director | IBAN: HR8923300031154128739, Splitska banka d.d.

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