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Vila Baguc website portrays an old family heritage, a villa that breathes an old spirit and promotes anique way of living, when life was a lot simpler. Far away from the city traffic they try to leave strong traditional imprint for guests, honoring the old times but yet, keeping up with the modern standards.

The challenge

Vila Baguc is an exceptional location for tourist vacation and the website had to showcase its antique style and interpret its traditional personality. Given the specific built style, website needed to be as simple as possible yet attain intriguing and old-fashioned look.

The process

We initially had logo and apartment pictures. Since the logo and the rest of the Vila had dominating colors, we decided to include the dominating shades of red and subtly incorporate best photos of the vila.
We also had to include all needed information on the vila along with TripAdvisor third party input.
Viewabilty on mobile devices, or responsiveness was highly prioritized when page was being built. The four main rooms had to be separated yet contained as a whole.

The solution

We divided website into four functional pages, home page, rooms, location and contact. For each of them we've used different template depending on its purpose.

Main font which was used for text area is 'Alegreya', with headings done with 'Roboto'. Colors used in website were colors of logo so it blends nicely.

Home page tells the story of vila Baguc with some intriguing photos of the vila interior and exterior put together in attractive slider. Also, the front page incorporates the location of the vila on Gmaps and the TripAdvisor reviews element. We made sure when designing the page that all elements of the home page go in compact flow.

Rooms page is a showcase of all rooms available with clean text area describing the rooms and the price range. For each room there is a subpage that contains subtle responsive photo-slider with best apartment photos, which is the main focus of each subpage.

The location page tells the viewer the story of location (Split) and has some fantastic panoramic photos of the city.

And last but not least, contact page gives user the option of contacting vila owner and making a reservation for rooms. You can find overview of the contact data and Gmaps location.

The result

We are excited to breath 'online life' into vila Baguc and give it the webpage it deserves.

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